116 NP LC INJ – liquid-cooled two-cylinder boxer engine with electronic fuel injection

Design and features

The engine cylinder is a casted from aluminum alloy with a galvanically applied hard working surface using nikasil technology. The piston is casted from an alloy with a high silicon content and has a groove for one piston ring made of special hardened cast iron. A special molybdenum sulfite coating is applied to the piston surface to reduce friction and extend engine life-time. The crankshaft made of alloyed steel is supported by two ball bearings, the connecting rod made of high-strength duralumin has both eyes mounted on needle roller bearings.

Thanks to the ingenious water cooling system, there is no reduction in load performance, regardless of climatic conditions. The drive unit is complemented by a miniature pressure circulating gear pump driven by a crankshaft.

The engine is characterized above all by a very high power in the entire speed range. Of course, it is very easy to start in both cold and warm condition, excellent reliability and very low vibrations. Its weight stands at today's minimum of this range. The overall positive impression is enhanced by the modern design with blue anodized parts and perfect workmanship exclusively on CNC machines.

The preparation of the mixture is controlled by an electronic control unit. Compared to carburetor engines, it is characterized by reduced specific fuel consumption, which allows you to significantly extend the range of the machine. Fuel injection also increases the reliability of the engine in operation under various atmospheric conditions, taking into account the engine temperature and the altitude of operation of the machine.

Technical Specification

Model MVVS 116 NP LP INJ, boxer, 2-stroke, 2-cylinder
Displacement 116 cm3
Air /Water-cooled ✔ / ✔ (both options available)
Bore/Stroke 42/42 mm
Max. output (without generator) 11,3 PS (8,4kW) @ 5900 min-1
Practical RPM range 1500 - 7000 min-1
RPM range 900 - 9500 min-1
Weight (without starter and pump) 3000 g
Spark plug 2x NGK M10 (CM-6)
Fuel Unleaded 95-octane fuel
Lubrication Oil (Mobil Racing 2T) with petrol in mixture 1:40
Recommended propeller Mejzlik 30"x10"
Recommended headers 2x 3414
Recommended exhausts 2x 3511 or 3611
Fuel supply EFI system
Weight of fuel supply 400 g (estimation)
Ignition 1x ICU-BI
Weight of ignition 1x 280 g
Fuel Consumption @ 4100 RPM 1,26 l/hour
Fuel Consumption @ 5500 RPM 3,15 l/hour
Fuel Consumption @ 6000 RPM 4,7 l/hour
Operating enviromental limits 5000 m
Endurance time Approx. 360 hours (every 80 hours check)
System programming
Engine control
Installation ease X
Electric starter with controller
Ignition 1x ICU-BSI
Weight of starter (and controller) 686 g
Static thrust @ RPM
26 kg @ 5900 min-1