We are a Czech manufacturer of original
aircraft RC and UAV engines

With a tradition since 1953

We are currently one of the few companies in the world that manufactures engines for aircraft RC models and unmanned aerial vehicles, including accessories.

In the field of hobby models, we offer type series of two-stroke combustion and electric engines. For UAV customers, we supply customized engines, including development and subsequent service.

In our work, we have built on the history and experience gained under the heading of MVVS since 1953.

What we have behind us


The Model Research and Development Center (MVVS) was established on October 15, 1953, based on a government decision. The leader was Zdeněk Husička, a well-known modeling theorist and aeronautical modeler, holder of several world speed records in tethered models. The mission of the center was to ensure the competitiveness of Czechoslovak model making on the international scene, which was successful.


One of the engineers, Josef Sladký, won the World Championship for selected models in Paris in 1955 and started the golden age. He won many world titles in speed and acrobatic flying for MVVS.


The placement at the World Championships in Mladá Boleslav in 1957 was legendary. The Czechoslovak team won the gold medal thanks to the MVVS and its engines. The winner of the individual competition was Josef Sladký, who set a national record at 216 km/h and won the world title.


The need to develop production and modelling accessories led in 1971 to the establishment of the state modeling company MODELA Prague in 1971 with a status of a specialized plant. Additional volume classes of engines for the youth were developed in the new company. It was mainly a well-known diesel with a cylinder capacity of 1.5 cc and a carbon dioxide engine.


The history of the new engine began. The MVVS business team, composed of the well-known Malina brothers, went to the USA for the F3D/pylon world championships. The models were fitted with new MVVS GRRT engines with a cylinder capacity of 6.5 cm3 (.40), long-prepared and tuned by the well-known Czechoslovak racer and MVVS mechanic Miloš Obrovský. Despite the mistrustful views of the entire modelling public, the Malina brothers won gold for Czechoslovakia.


At the beginning of the 1990s, after the proper privatization of the MVVS plant, Miloš Obrovský and his brother, a designer, mechanic and racer, became the owners of the company. The management of the development department was entrusted to Ing. Švajda. They started a new chapter in the history of MVVS Brno. The advantage of the new owner was perfect knowledge of design, production and operational issues of model engines, including piloting models. After the leaving of the founders and professional specialists who made MVVS famous in the past, the owner of the company became a legend in the industrial production of model engines.


Since 1994, engines with the MVVS brand have reached other world markets, where they successfully competed with other brands. Besides to glow engines, gasoline engines began to be produced in the volume of 26 ccm and 35 ccm. However, almost zero investment in technology in the 1990s caused in a decline in quality and business stagnation.


The turning point came in 2001, when the current owner sold the company to Rudolf Dvořák, whose effort was to restore the brand's reputation. The strategy of gradual modernization of technology and products and the creation of our own development base was defined. All engines that were in the production program at the beginning of 2001 were modernized and all important production operations were transferred to new CNC machines. To increase the quality of the final product, the amount of purchased components was reduced in favor of own production on new, more precise machines.


In 2006, a young engineer, Lukáš Chymek, joined the company and continued to develop petrol engines. In the same year, a completely new petrol engine with a capacity of 58 cc was also developed. With its features and design, it had no competition in its class and became the basis of the new MVVS product line.


The company again changed its owners again. They became Michal Vítek and Ivo Kryl. Above all, it was a strategic step on the part of Ivo Kryl in the form of clear synergies in the modeling industry and KRILL Aircraft, a world-famous composite model of RC composite models at the time. A cooperation with MVVS company was estabilished. The director became the long-time modeller Mgr. Tomáš Kotrbatý, under whose influence a number of excellent engines were created, such as the 116NP, 175NP and the first four-cylinder 190 cc.


A new stage of engine professionalisation started towards unmanned aerial vehicles. The company established cooperation with the Czech Technical University in Prague and together they began testing 116 cc engines and developing engines for UAVs. The first engines are tested in civilian unmanned helicopters, where MVVS is establishing itself primarily with its range of water-cooled engines. These are already tested in a newly professionally equipped test room with all the accessories and accessories that belong to these engines (eg. fuel injection, starters, alternators, etc.).

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