We focus on water cooled 2T engines for helicopters
We design and develop the engines for UAV and helicopters exactly according to the customer needs

About MVVS UAV engines

We design engines and other accessories for UAV and helicopters exactly according to the customer need, ie. also according to the purpose and environment which the device will operate in. Every development task is unique and that is the reason why we are always looking for a specific and unconventional solution. The final products are verified in our own fully equipped testing laboratory.

We take care of the customer and his product during the entire life cycle of the engine. Based on the requirements, we provide specific repairs of engines after a given period of operation in order to achieve higher reliability and service life.

Our power units are mounted in many types of UAVs:


  • UAV with fixed wing
  • UAV helicopters (RUAV)
  • UAV with vertical take-off (VTOL)
  • Quad-copters and multirotors

Advantages of our engines

Our UAV customers appreciate our engines for their easy start-ability,
unbeatable engine power in a given range of engine displacement,
very low vibration, reliability and long life-time.
Easy start-ability
Unbeatable power
Low vibration level
Reliability and long life-time

We have customers all over the world

Czech Republic, Germany, Israel, Spain, India, South Korea, Romania, China, USA, Brazil

UAV 2T Combustion Engines Product Line

58 IRS

58 IRS LC is a single-cylinder petrol engine with backflushing and intake controlled by a reed valve. It can be in two versions: water or air cooled. The design of this engine gave rise to a number of other power units.

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116 NP LC

MVVS 116 NP LC is a water-cooled two-cylinder boxer engine. Its design is based on MVVS engines with a displacement of 58 cc.

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116 NP LC INJ is a water-cooled two-cylinder boxer engine with fuel injection. The preparation of the mixture is controlled by an electronic control unit. Compared to engines with a carburettor, it is characterized by reduced break specific fuel consumption (BSFC), which allows significantly extend the endurance of the machine.

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190 CN4

190 CN4 is a four-cylinder air-cooled boxer with bottom suction, controlled by a reed valve, which ensures the same dosing of the mixture for each cylinder.

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E-100 is brushless DC electric motor (BLDC)

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Engines for Target application

Powerful and low-cost engines with a limited lifetime for Target application.

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In charge of UAV engines, their development and production is

Lukáš Chymek

Lukáš Chymek

B2B manager