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Recommended propellerRPMExhaust
26"x10" Mejzlík6200-63503511/3611
24"x10" Mejzlík65003207
24"x10" Mejzlík77003410

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22 300 Kč

MVVS 58 IRS LC The very first series produced engine equipped by liquid cooling system. It features high performance stability by load, while high surrounding temperatures. Water circulation is forced by pump driven by crankshaft. Engine is suitable for all kinds of models but main use is in fighter and racing models scales.

Item number3001LC - including carburetor, ignition, diffuser, spark plug+key, oil and pump
Displacement58 cm3
Bore / Stroke42 / 42 mm
Max Power Output7,2 HP / 6700 RPM
Weight Without Ignition1900 g
IgnitionICU-S electronic, microprocessor, automatic choke control
Ignition Weight190 g