We have a list of important tests chat we have made tailored our customers´ engines to ensure the maximal reliability and durability. We provide the highest quality service on all our products during the whole operation.

We have been working for a long time to extend the lifetime and parameters of our products. We strive to focus on the most exposed places and find new materials or technologies in their production. Our gasoline and electric motors are getting better and better references.

Maintenance, repair, overhaul (GO) and service

All our engines come with the detailed maintenance instructions describing all

necessary maintenance steps and time intervals for it. The number of intervals is specified in the engine-specific technical documentation. The time between repairs (TBO) of MVVS engines varies and depending on the operating environment and maintenance intensity. When the maximum TBO is reached, the customer is required to send the engine to our service.

In accordance to the technical documentation, we provide our customers with all repairs including General (GO). MVVS reserves the right to make necessary repairs to MVVS production facilities. After all repairs, we guarantee full warranty and usually the same service intervals as for new products.

Maximum technical support is a matter of course. In acute cases we are able to send our specialist technician directly to the customer.

Advantages of overhaul and MVVS service

  • Minimize aircraft repair costs during operation
  • Full repair warranty
  • Original spare parts
  • Correction according to current documentation

Pre-shipment running tests

MVVS carries out engine testing according to customer requirements. Each engine has its own specifics and each customer has clearly defined parameters that the engine must meet. Many parameters can be simulated in the test processes and each test is documented. The results are archived and accessible whenever requested by the customer.

Our testing workshop is equipped with precision measuring instruments, where we measure quantities like:

  • Temperature on spark plugs and cylinders
  • Exhaust gas temperature
  • Liquid Temperature (cooling liquide ..)
  • Fuel consumption under constant pressure
  • Lift and power
  • Cooling analysis

and more

Special Tests Obr :    UAV-9

Environmental tests – demonstrate thermal and other durability in extreme conditions.

Endurance tests – during which the motors are exposed to 100 to 200 hours of continuous operation.

Of course, after such extreme tests, the engines must be dismantled and all parts carefully analyzed.

Of course, we provide maximal technical support. In acute cases we are able to send our specialist technician directly to the customer.