MVVS UAV Engines

Czech original brand manufacturer of two-stroke internal combustion engines and BLDC electric motors and its accessories. MVVS is a company with a very long tradition, founded in 1953.

  • We do not copy, we are going our own way – we have our own development and research center
  • Experience proven by decades of development – over 65 years on the UAV market
  • Self-testing in a high-end testing room
  • Unique and unconventional solutions – meet the real needs of our customers
  • We listen to our customers – based on their feedback, we modernize and chase our engines

Our UV engine department is successfully developing:

  • Customized tailor-made motors
  • Modified engines based on standard offered types
  • MVVS standard motor types
  • Complete aggregates, so-called combo

The above-mentioned complete units are standard in the supply of power units for UV equipment now.


For example, the following elements can be combined with internal combustion engines:

– Water cooled engine versions with cooling radiators

– Electronic starters:

– Electronic fuel injection units

– Alternators (60W / 100-350W)

– Engine diagnostics – data measuring and saving (temperature, fuel flow, rpm´s,…)

Examples which following elements can be combined for electric BLDC motors control:

– electronic controllers

– stop sensors for stopping the propeller in a exactly defined position

–  selenium sensors


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