MVVS RC Support

We set up a new level of service for RC engines. From January 2019 onwards MVVS company gurantees the time for reapir till 5 business days from recievment of your engine to our service facility (Czech republic).

Please, ensure to follow these instructions in case of warranty or post-warranty service of your engine to experience our best effectivenes and fastest service procedure. Please comply with this criteria in order to avoid unnecessary time lag in dealing with your requierments.



We would like to kindly ask you to download and print enclosed Service form in order to experience the easiest way to deal with our Service. Fill the form as completely as possible and send the form with the engine or ignition switch to our facility. We would like to kindly ask to write down the exact reason why you are sending our product to us. Please do not expect that the same person, you have been in contact with, will take over the package to the service! Therefore please ensure to fill in the Service form most carefully. Technician servising your engine/ignition unit will use the information you provide us in order to diagnose exact issue and defects. Also, provide us with the exact dirrection where to send our product back and your email and contact phone number (for courier).


Service form download – HERE


We recommend you to:

  • Cover the insurance package up to the estimated value of the engine. Some transport companies (airlines) are not liable for damages caused by carriage in standard price
  • Pack the engine or ignition unit in box large enough iwth protection inside – bubble wrap or protective material as you can see on the photo. So the engine cannot move inside the box. Pay attention to really good packaging! Especially watch out for carburetor and plugs – fragile parts.

If  broken exhaust or exhaust knee is not a part of the repair, please don´t send it to us.



Please, send all the packages to this exact dirrection to our service facility:

MVVS s.r.o. – Servis Center
Šámalova 60a
615 00 Brno
(Czech Republic )
Phone : +420 545 211 683

Thank you.

Our MVVS team